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Watercolor/Acrylic Paintings  of Lighthouses, Seascapes and Bucolic Water Scenes

Watercolor/Acrylic Paintings on Nautical Charts
by William B, Mac Gregor Jr.
(Your Boat, Yacht, Naval Vessel, Coast Guard Cutter, Tug Boat, favorite Lighthouse or Home painted onto a navigational nautical chart)

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Nautical Chart Artwork
Giclee Signed & Numbered  
  (1" border Signed & Numbered Giclee Print on angelica watercolor paper.)

Image Size 5 3/4  x 10 3/8 ".  Matted in a 11" x 14" mat &  ready to frame.  $30.00 Image Size 8 1/4" x 15" . Matted in a 16" x 20" mat & ready to frame   $45.00

The Towers and Coast Guard House, Narragansett, RI

The Towers, also known as the Tower entrance to the Narragansett Casino is a historic structure located on Ocean Road in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It is the only remnant of the Narragansett Pier Casino built in the 1880s. On November 25, 1969, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.. Beside the Towers is the  Coast Guard House is rich in history. Originally built as a life-saving station for the U.S. Coast Guard and in 1945 was transformed into a  restaurant.

 Refrigerator Magnet: $6.00 
Original: $299.00 

Lighthouses, Tugboats & Amusements on the Water 
Nautical Chart Artwork 

8"x10" Matted: $12.99  11"x14" Matted: $20     16"x20" Matted: $25     Refrigerator Magnet: $6.00 
Original: As Marked    

Beavertail Lighthouse, Jamestown, Conanicut Island RI
(Nautical Chart Background-Narragansett Bay, RI)
Beavertail Lighthouse
Original: SOLD 

  • Station established: 1749; Present lighthouse built: 1856; Automated: 1972

  • Construction material: Granite

  • Height of tower: 53 feet; Height of focal plane: 54 feet.

  • Other buildings still standing: 1856 keeper's house, 1898 assistant keeper's house, oil house, storage building, garage.

  • Museum in the keeper's house maintained by: Beavertail Lighthouse Museum Association.

  • Characteristics: Flashing white every six seconds; Fog signal: One blast every 30 seconds.

  • Active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation. 

  • Website: 

Newport Harbor Lighthouse (Goat Island) Newport Harbor, RI
(Nautical Chart Background-Narragansett Bay, RI)
Original: SOLD 

  • Station established: 1823; Present lighthouse built: 1842; Automated: 1963

  • Construction material: Granite

  • Height of tower: 35 feet.

  • Characteristic: Fixed green

  • Managed by: American Lighthouse Foundation, ME

  • Active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation.

 Southeast Block Island Lighthouse
(Nautical Chart Background-Block Island)
Original: $250.00 

  • Station established: 1875; Present lighthouse built: 1875; Deactivated: 1990; Relighted: 1994

  • Construction material: Brick.

  • Height of tower: 52 feet; Height of focal plane: 261 feet.
    Original optic: First-order Fresnel ; Present optic: First-order Fresnel (originally from Cape Lookout Light, NC).

  • Characteristic: Flashing green every five seconds; Fog signal: One blast every 30 seconds.

  • Other buildings still standing: Keeper's house (attached), two cisterns, garage, storage building, boathouse

  • Active U.S. Coast Guard Aid to Navigation.


Block Island North Lighthouse

(New Shoreham, RI
(Nautical Chart Background-Block Island)
Original: $250.00 

  • Station established: 1829; Present lighthouse built: 1868.
    Automated: 1956; Discontinued: 1973; Relighted: 1989.

  • Construction material: Granite, iron; Height of tower: 55 feet; Height of focal plane: 61 feet.

  • Original optics: Seven oil lamps and 16-inch parabolic reflectors (1829); Fourth order Fresnel (1868).

  • Characteristic: Flashing white every five seconds (currently on steel tower to the north of the lighthouse).

  • Other buildings still standing: Two storage buildings.

  • Active U.S. Coast Guard aid to navigation. First floor converted into museum.

Providence Tug Boats
(Nautical Chart Background-Providence River and Head of Narragansett Bay, RI)
Original: $225.00 
The Providence Steam Company was established in 1881 and currently the, Providence Steamboat  Company operates six tugboats on Narragansett Bay including the three depicted in this watercolor painting.

Point Judith Lighthouse, Narragansett, RI
(Nautical Chart Background-Narragansett Bay, RI)
Original: $225.00 

Point Judith extends more than a mile from the Rhode Island coast, marking the entrance to Narragansett Bay to the North and Block Island Sound to the south. The present octagonal brownstone tower was erected in 1857, and underwent a major restoration in 2000. Point Judith lighthouse stands on the grounds of Coast Guard Station Point Judith which was constructed in 1937.

Prudence Island Lighthouse (Sandy Point Light), Narragansett Bay, RI
Original: SOLD
(Nautical Chart Background-Narragansett Bay, RI)
Prudence Island is approximately 7 miles long and 1 1/2 miles across with a summer population of about 2000. In 1850 local residents petitioned Congress for a lighthouse at Sandy Point to help mariners pass thru Narragansett Bay's East Passage. Prudence Island Lighthouse was automated in 1972 and is currently maintained by the Prudence Island Conservancy. 

Warwick Lighthouse
Warwick Neck/Narragansett Bay  Warwick, RI
Original: SOLD
(Nautical Chart Background-Narragansett Bay, RI)
In 1985, Warwick became the last Rhode Island lighthouse to be automated, and the Fresnel lens was replaced with a modern lens at that time. The station is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The lighthouse is owned by the Coast Guard and continues to be an active aid to navigation, showing a flashing green light. The keeper's) dwelling is used as housing for Coast Guard personnel.

Rose Island Lighthouse,  Newport, RI
Original: $299.00 

Rose Island Lighthouse was built in 1869. The dwelling and attached light tower were built  on the ruins of  Fort Hamilton. The light was first lighted on January 20, 1870.  The island was  also used by the Navy to build and store torpedoes/ mines and abandoned the island in the mid-1950's. In 1969 the Newport Bridge was finished and the Coast Guard closed the lighthouse in 1971. The Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation was formed in 1984 to in restore and maintain the lighthouse. After years of hard work the light was relighted in 1993 On June 25, 1999 the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation acquired the rest of the island. The whole island will now be protected. In the winter Newport Harbor is a haven for seals as depicted in front of the painting.

Plum Beach Lighthouse,  North Kingston, RI
(Narragansett Bay near the Jamestown Bridge)
Original: $250.00 

Plum beach Lighthouse and fog signal on Plum Beach Shoal was started in 1896 thru 1899 and it was first lighted on July 1, 1899. In 1941, the first Jamestown Bridge was built almost on top of Plum Beach Lighthouse. The lighthouse was no longer  and was closed. The Friends of Plum Beach Lighthouse, Inc. was formed and was given title to the lighthouse in 1998.
In 2003 restoration started on the restoration of the lighthouse and in December a new light was placed in the lighthouse and it was lighted for the first time in 62 years.
Please order thru the Plum Beach Lighthouse Society.


Crescent Park, Riverside, RI 1886-1979
Original: $300.00 

 The "Coney Island of New England" originated in 1886 under the foresight of Charles Boyden.  Charles I.D. Looff. Looff was commissioned to build the Carousel that would come to be the cornerstone of the park. In the early 1900's the park was bustling with patrons that were brought from trolleys and steamships from all over New England and New York. the Shore Dinner Hall was built in 1914. and in 1920 added  a roller rink and the "Alhambra Ballroom". The Park flourished  in the 1950s and  1960s.  On the night of September 2, 1969, the Alhambra Ballroom fell victim to a horrible fire. Unfortunally Crescent Park closed in 1979. The Carousel thru valiant efforts of local residents has been saved and is now operated by the Crescent Park Carousel Commission. Take a ride back to Riverside sometime. As soon as you hear the music and smell the popcorn, you will be transported back to  memories of Crescent park.

Mt. Hope Bridge & Hog Island Shoal Lighthouse,  RI 

11"x14" Matted: $20  Original: $275

The Mount Hope Bridge is a two-lane suspension bridge and spans the Mount Hope Bay. The bridge connects the Rhode Island towns of Portsmouth and Bristol. Since 1976, the Mount Hope Bridge has been listed with the National Register of Historic Places. 

Edgartown Lighthouse
Martha's Vineyard, MA 

11"x14" Matted: $20  Original: $275




Watch Hill Lighthouse
 Westerly, RI 
11"x14" Matted: $20  Original: $275

Maine Lighthouses

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse
 Bristol, Maine 
Original: $275
  Location: Entrance to Muscongus Bay and John Bay ; Nearest town: Bristol.  -  Station established: 1827; Present lighthouse built: 1835; Automated: 1934 - Construction material: Stone - Height of tower: 38 feet; Height of focal plane: 79 feet - Optic: Fourth-order Fresnel (1856) - Characteristic: Flashing white every six seconds

Pemaquid Point ME Lighthouse) ME Lighthouse







Cape Neddick ( Nubble ) Lighthouse
 York, Maine
Original: SOLD
 Cape Neddick Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Cape Neddick , York , Maine
Nubble (Cape Neddick) ME Lighthouse

New Hampshire Lighthouses

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse
 (New Castle, NH)
  Original: $275
Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse is located within Fort Constitution in New Castle , New Hampshire.  The current light is a fixed green signal that is visible for 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi). The light is made green by an acrylic cylinder that surrounds the lens. Other structures at the light station that are still standing are the 1903 oil house (restored in 2004) and the 1872 keeper's house (currently United States Coast Guard offices). 

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

Isles of Shoals Lighthouse, NH
  ( White Island Light)
Original: $275
The Isles of Shoals Light, also known as "White Island Light", on White Island , in the Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire , was first built in 1821. The present structure was built in 1865.

Isles of Shoals ( White Island Light) Lighthouse) ME Lighthouse




East Coast Woodie

16"x20" Bevel Mat: $25     
 16"x20" Double Mat: $35   
Original: Sold 
Original watercolor painting was auctioned off at “the big picnic” as part of the  USS Saratoga Museum fundraiser's held at governor of RI 's home.


8 16"x20" Bevel Mat: $25     
 16"x20" Double Mat: $35   
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Original: $600 


Down East Sunrise

8 11"x14" Bevel Mat: $20     
  16"x20" Double Mat: $35   
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Original: $300 




11"x14" Mat:          $20                    

Original: Private Gallery 


Morning Sail

11"x14" Mat:          $20                    

Original: $100 



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