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Watercolor/Acrylic Paintings on Nautical Charts.  
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God Bless America

USCGC Eagle (WIX-327) (ex-SSS Horst Wessel) is a 295-foot (90 m) Braque used as a training cutter for future officers of the United States Coast Guard. She is the only active commissioned steel hulled sailing vessel in American military service. She is the seventh U.S. Navy or Coast Guard ship to bear the name in a line dating back to 1792. Each summer, Eagle conducts cruises with cadets from the United States Coast Guard Academy and candidates from the Officer Candidate School for periods ranging from a week to two months.


USCGC Eagle Coast Guard Art Print

Original: $399.00


USS Constitution is a wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate of the United States Navy. Named by President George Washington after the Constitution of the United States of America , she is the world's oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat and was launched in 1797.  The USS Constitution is famous for her actions during the War of 1812 against Great Britain, when she captured numerous merchant ships and defeated five British warships. The battle with Guerriere earned her the nickname of "Old Ironsides". Retired from active service in 1881. Constitution sailed under her own power for her 200th birthday in 1997, and again in August 2012.


USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) Art Print

(Original: $399.00
Nautical Chart Background-Boston Harbor, MA )

USS Nantahala  AO-60
 (Ashtabula class Fleet Oiler)

USS Nantahala (AO–60), the second ship of this name, was laid down under Maritime Commission contract by Bethlehem Sparrows Point Shipyard, Inc., Sparrows Point, Maryland, on 31 October 1943. Launched on 29 April 1944. During her 31 years of service she sailed the world providing the "life blood" of the fleet to ships of our Navy as well as to those of our allies.  

USS Nantahala AO-60 Print Sizes

Original: $299.00

Artist's Note:  My Father-In-Law Robert Larkin ( plank owner) proudly served on the USS Nantahala during WW2.  

USS IWO JIMA (LHD 7) is named for the WW2 battle of February 1945, in which three divisions of the US Marine Corps took control of the tiny island of Iwo JimaUSS Iwo Jima (LHD-7) is the seventh ship of the Wasp-class Landing Helicopter Dock Amphibious Assault Ships.      She made her maiden voyage on June 23, 2001, with over 2,000 World War II veterans onboard - many Marine veterans who had fought on Iwo Jima in 1945 - and was commissioned on June 30, 2001.

USS Iwo Jima  LHD-7
Amphibious Assault Ship

USS IWO Jima Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

Original: SOLD
Nautical Chart Background-Newport News,VA   

McCurdy and Rhodes, Inc. designed the current Navy 44 sail training sloops and initially delivered to the US Naval Academy in 1988. There are 16 specially built 44-foot sloops (called 44s) that make up the heart of the Naval Academy’s sail-training program.   The 44's are a vital building-block, not only for seamanship and navigation, but for leadership development and learning how to make decisions under stress.

Naval Sail Training Craft
(44’ Sloops with their spinnakers flying)

Naval Sail Training Craft Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

Original: SOLD

Vintage Vietnam war scene featuring AC-47 Spooky Gunships.
The Dougla's AC-47 Spooky ( also nicknamed "Puff  the Magic Dragon") was the first in a series of gunships developed by the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. More firepower than could be provided by light and medium ground-attack aircraft was thought to be needed in some situations when ground forces called for close air support.

Douglas AC-47 Spooky Gunship Art Print

AC-47 Spooky Gunship Art Print

 Original: SOLD

USS Vandegrift (FFG-48) is an Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate of the United States Navy. The ship was named for General Alexander A. Vandegrift (1887–1973), 18th Commandant of the Marine Corps.
Vandegrift was built at Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, Washington, launched on 15 October 1982, and commissioned on 24 November 1984.

USS Vandegrift  FFG-48
Oliver Hazard Perry-class Frigate
( Background-San Diego Bay Nautical Chart)

USS Vandegrift Print Sizes

Original: SOLD

The USS Chancellorsville (CG-62) is the 16th Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser and the 12th ship in that class built on November 4.1989 by Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Miss.   The purpose of the ship is to detect, classify and track hundreds of potential targets simultaneously in the air, on the surface, and under the sea.

USS Chancellorsville
  CG 62

Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser
( Background-San Diego Bay Nautical Chart)

USS Chancellorsville CG 62 Print Sizes

Original: SOLD

USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19 ) is a command ship’s whose primary role is to provide command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence ) support to the commander and staff of the United States Seventh Fleet. She is the third Navy ship named after the Blue Ridge Mountains .

Original: SOLD

USS Blue Ridge  LCC-19

USS Blue Ridge LLC-19 Art Print

  The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNS) often called Portsmouth Navy Yard is a US Navy shipyard located in Kittery, Maine near the city of Portsmouth NH.  PNS is tasked with the overhaul, repair, and modernization of US submarines.
The painting features the
USS New Hampshire Submarine ( SSN-78) & Tug Boats with the Portsmouth Naval Yard in the Background)

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard  
Kittery, ME

( Background-Porsmouth NH HArbor Nautical Chart)

Portsmouth Navy Yard Art Print

Original: $375

During the Civil War the battle between the Monitor & Merrimack   was the first engagement between ironclad ships. This was a part of an effort by the Confederacy to break the Union’s blockade of Norfolk  and  Richmond Virginia from international trade. The Confederate Ironclad was renamed the Virginia after being converted from remnants of the USS Merrimack.  The Merrimack was challenged by t he strange-looking Union ironclad called the Monitor. The ships engaged in a four-hour close-range duel, which resulted in a draw. This combat between two ironclad warships marked a revolution in naval warfare.

Civil War Naval Battle
 of the Monitor and Merrimack

Monitor and Merrimack Art Prints

USS Caron (DD-970) was a  Spruance-Class Destroyer named for Hospital Corpsman Third Class Wayne M. Caron who was killed in action during the Vietnam War and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.  The USS Caron  was built by the Ingalls Shipbuilding, Commissioned on 1 October 1977 and Decommissioned on 15 October 2001.  
Original: Sold

USS Caron DD-970
Spruance Class Destroyer
(Nautical Chart Background-Newport Harbor, RI 

USS Caron Giclee Matted Signed & Numbered Art Print


USS Anchorage (LPD-23) is an SanAntonio class amphibious transport dock ship and is the second ship of the US Navy to be named for Anchorage, Alaska

Original: $349
Ship Nautical Chart Background-San Diego Bay, CA)

USS Anchorage   LPD-2     

USS Anchorage LPD-2 Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

 The USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG-108) is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer. She was named after Rear Admiral Wayne E. Meyer, who is known as the Father of Aegis.  The USS Wayne E. Meyer is the 58th destroyer in her class and carries the 100th AEGIS Weapon System to be delivered to the United States Navy. She was built by Bath Iron Works, and Commissioned on July 2009. 

USS Wayne E. Meyer   DDG-108   

USS Wayne E. Meyer DDG-108

Original: SOLD
Ship Nautical Chart Background-San Diego Bay, CA)


Original: SOLD

Nautical Chart Background-San Diego Bay, CA)

    The USS Carl Vinson  (CVN-70)  is the third US Navy Nimitz class super carrier and named after Carl Vinson, a congressman for 50 years from Georgia .  The ship was launched in 1980 and commissioned in 1983. Since then, she has been has been deployed in Operation Desert Strike, Operation Iraqi freedom, Operation Southern watch and Operation Enduring Freedom. The Carl Vinson’s call sign is “Gold Eagle”. 

USS Carl Vinson
Call Sign "Gold Eagle"       
        Nimitz Class Super Aircraft Carrier

USS Carl Vinson CVN-70 Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print


Massachusetts Maritime Academy was established in 1891, Mass Maritime is the second oldest state academy in the United States. The academy is located on Taylor's Point in Buzzard's Bay, Massachusetts and prepares students for careers in the Maritime, Engineering, and Emergency Management and the Environmental fields. Mass Maritime operates a training ship, the USTS Kennedy.

Massachusetts Maritime Academy
USTS Kennedy

 (Mass Maritime Training Ship)

Prints are available please send me an E-Mail for details. 

  Original: Sold


   USS Laboon (DDG-58) is an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and named for Father John Francis Laboon (1921–1988), a captain in the Chaplain Corps of the United States Navy, who was awarded the Silver Star during World War II. The USS Laboon was built by Bath Iron Works and commissioned on 18 March 1995. 

USS Laboon DDG-58
       Arleigh Burke class Aegis Destroyer

USS Laboon DDG 58 Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

  Original: SoldNautical Chart Background-( Chesapeake Bay Cape Charles to Norfolk Harbor


USS Massachusetts BB-59
  (South Dakota Class WW2 Battleship)

(Nautical Chart Background-Fall River Harbor, MA)

USS Massachusetts Battleship BB-59 Art Print


 Original: $300.00 


Battleship USS Massachusetts (known  as  "Big Mamie) was built in Quincy, MA & launched 9/23 1941. She was in North Africa and fired  the first American 16" projectile in anger of World War II. Then, spent the balance of WW2 in the Pacific including and Big Mamie's 16" guns pounded the Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands, Truk, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. By July 1945 she was off to Japan with the Third Fleet.  Battleship USS Massachusetts fired the last American 16" projectile of the war. With peace achieved, "Big Mamie" returned to the United States and operated with the Pacific Fleet until mid-1946. Now "Big Mamie" has been welcoming visitors for more than a quarter century.

USS Dewey (DDG-105) is an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer in the United States Navy.  Dewey is the third Navy ship named after Admiral of the Navy George Dewey, hero of the Battle of Manila Bay during the Spanish-American War.

Original: Sold

USS Dewey   DDG 105
Arleigh Burke-class Aegis Destroyer 
Nautical Chart Background-San Diego Bay, CA)

USS Dewey DDG-105 Print Sizes


Riverine Command Boat (RCB)

Riverine Command Boat matted art print

Original: $349

The Riverine Command Boat (RCB) is designed to conduct command and control tactical mobility and fire support operations in hostile riverine and near-shore environments. environments. The RCB is powered by twin diesel engines and equipped with an insertion and extraction bow door, reconfigurable mission space, manned/unmanned weapon mounts, chemical weapons air filtration system, and optional armor. 

Navy’s primary East Coast submarine base, known as the “Home of the submarine force”.   It is located in Groton , CT.   In 1868, the state of Connecticut gave the Navy 112 acres of land along the Thames River in Groton to build a Naval Station.  Today it is homeport to attack submarines and neighbor to a major submarine construction yard, General Dynamics’ Electric Boat Division.

Naval Submarine Base New London
Groton , CT
Original: $299

Naval Submarine Base New London Matted Art Prints

USS Shiloh (CG-67) is  named in remembrance of the Battle of Shiloh in the Civil War. She was built at the Bath Iron Works in  Bath , Maine . With her guided missiles and rapid-fire cannons, she is capable of facing and defeating threats in the air, on the sea, or the ashore, and underneath the sea. She also carries two Seahawk multi-purpose helicopters, mainly for anti-submarine warfare.

USS Shiloh
Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser

USS Shiloh CG-67 matted art print

Original: Sold

USS Mitscher  DDG 51
Arleigh Burke-Class Aegis Destroyer 

USS Mitscher DDG 51 Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

Original: Sold

USS Mitscher is the 7th ship of the DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-class Aegis Destroyer program and  built by Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula , Mississippi . The painting features the modern destroyer USS Mitscher and the famous historic WW2 Doolittle Raid.   Taking off from the deck of the famous WW2 aircraft carrier, USS Hornet, were 16  U.S. Army Air Force B-25B Mitchell medium Bombers on April 18,1942 that and was the first to  bomb the Japan's homeland in WW2.  Flying over the stern of the Mitscher is the B-25B Bomber (Ruptured Duck) heading to Tokyo.

Original: SOLD

Champions of Freedom
Arleigh Burke-class Aegis Destroyers

Nautical Chart Background-Pacific Ocean

USS Curtis Wilbur  DDG 54
USS John S. McCain  DDG 56
USS Fitzgerald    DDG 62
USS Stethem DDG 63
USS Lassen DDG 82
USS McCampbell DDG 85
USS Mustin DDG 89

Champions of Freedom  Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

USS Stethem is the 13th ship of the DDG Arleigh Burke-class Aegis Destroyer program and  built by Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Construction of Stethem began at Ingalls on May 18, 1992 and  she was commissioned on October 25,  1995. 

Original: SOLD

USS Stethem  (DDG 63)
Arleigh Burke-Class Aegis Destroyer 
Nautical Chart Background-Japan with Mt Fugi in the background)

USS Stethem (DDG 63) Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

The USS Safeguard  provides rescue and salvage services to the fleet at sea. She also supported the protection of forces ashore through post-assault salvage operations in close proximity to the shore. She is designed to perform combat salvage, lifting, towing, off-ship firefighting, manned diving operations, and emergency repairs to stranded or disabled vessels. The USS Safeguard was commissioned on 17 August 1985.  

USS Safeguard  
ARS 50        T-ARS-50

Safeguard Class Salvage Ship

USS Safeguard ARS 50 T-ARS-50 Matted Art Print Size

Original: SOLD

USS Chosin (CG-65) is the 19th ship in the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruise and was named in honor of the  Battle of Chosin Reservoir of the Korean War.   Shw was built by Ingalls Ship building and commissioned in 1991. The USS Chosin is the first ship of this name.  

Original: SOLD

USS Chosin

Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser

USS Chosin CG-65 Matted Print Sizes

The USS Chancellorsville (CG 62) is the 16th Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser and  was built by Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, Miss.   The purpose of the ship is to detect, classify and track hundreds of potential targets simultaneously in the air, on the surface, and under the sea. 

USS Chancellorsville
  CG 62

with her spinnaker flying
Ticonderoga class guided missile cruiser

USS Chancellorsville CG 62 Signed & Numbered Giclee Art Print

USS Tracy  
DD-214/DM-19 on nautical chart #1731

  • Please inquire about availability of giclee signed & numbered prints

  • Original: SOLD


USS Safeguard  ARS 50  (T-ARS-50)
(Safeguard-class salvage ship)
60# Watercolor Paper

  • Sorry all prints are sold.

  • Original: SOLD


Pencil Artwork 

Waiting out the Storm

Patrol River Boat Gunners
11"x14" Bevel Mat: $20
Vintage scene during the Vietnam war featuring gunners on a patrol river boat (PBR).

Original: Private Gallery

The Storm

16"x20" Bevel Mat: $25 16"x20" Double Mat: $35
Original: Private Gallery


Frequency Asked Questions:

What is a a nautical chart painting? A nautical chart painting is an acrylic/watercolor hand painted by the artist ,William MacGregor, onto the surface of a nautical chart.
What is my painting style? Painting begins with “old skool” mechanical and civil drafting techniques including the use of india ink pens, templates and Leroys. Then, I will ink the ship's sketch and complete it with the application of watercolors and acrylics.  Basically skills I learned as a Mechanical Drafter.
What can I paint on a nautical chart? I can paint your Navy Ship, Submarine, Coast Guard Cutter, Boat, Yacht, Home, Tugboat  or favorite lighthouse on a nautical chart or 60# cold pressed watercolor paper.  I can order just about any NOAA chart that is available to the public.
What is the cost?  Please contact me for details.  This price will includes the nautical chart and complimentary matting.  It will be ready for a standard 18” x 24” or 22" x 28" frame.What 
What about Change of Command Gifts ? I am aware of the monetary limits for a Change of Command Gift.  Please contact me for details.  Please let me know when the C of C ceremony will take place to ensure timely delivery.
Are prints available?  Yes Giclee or Standard prints will be available upon request.
How do I get started?   First select the chart you would want for the painting. Then, E-mail photos or jpegs of your boat to us. The higher the resolution the better, and please ensure they are clear shots. Also, Please include close-ups of pertinent details including the boat’s name, lettering and other important characteristics.
How long will it take to complete? Please allow 4-6 weeks
Do I do framing? No. But, te Nautical Chart Painting will be matted and ready for a standard frame. 
What about Navy Ship Reunions? Perfect!  If your Navy, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine Reunion Group would like an original  watercolor & Giclee prints of your ship for the reunion, please contact: 


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