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Ice Skating, Hockey and Snowmobiling Memories of
Rocky Woods Reservation
Medfield, Massachusetts
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When winter arrives anyone who lived in Medfield before 1980 will have fond memories of Rocky Woods. During the winter months the skating on Chickering Pond was without a doubt some of the best anywhere. For the kids growing up in Medfield it was the social place to be. Next to Chickering Pond was the hockey pond. For those into skiing, there was even a rope tow to a small skiing hill. Also, I remember Snowmobiling to Rocky Woods and was a member of the Pine Valley Snow Riders. Unfortunally in 1980 the Trustees of Reservation made the decision to end active recreation. Thus, Rocky Woods now lives only in the memories of those in Medfield fortunate enough to have experience it.


Rocky Woods Reservation
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Lords Department Store
(Midnight Madness Sale)

Lords Department Store was a longtime fixture in Medfield for 73 years and unfortunally closed in 2013. 
 store owners were Mr. Raymond Lord and Mr. William Kelly.  This was the last of the Woolworth
 type stores where it had a little of everything. This was  the place to go for a daily newspaper, cup of coffee,
  hardware item, greeting cards, bread & milk and even clothing.

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Artist Note: William B. MacGregor Jr. (The Junkyard Artist) was employed at Lord’s Department Store during his years at Medfield High School, Wentworth Institute and  Northeastern  University . He credits his opportunity to attend and graduate from college in part to Lord’s owners Mr. Raymond Lord and Mr. William Kelly who encouraged and financially assisted him and always told their young employees that school came first before their work. Later in life, Bill graduated from  McIntosh   College   as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.    

Lords Department Store
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The Peak House was originally built about 1668 and was burned down in 1676
during the King Philip's War. It was rebuilt about 1680. Although the Peak House has a footprint of less than 400 square feet, it has three levels plus a more recent basement.  The original owners were Benjamin and Dorcas Clark with their nine children! During the 1890s the Peak House served as the studio toJohn Jesse Francis water-color artist John Jesse Francis.  It was deeded to theMedfield Historical Society on October 18, 1924. 

the Peak House
Original : $250 

When I did a previous painting of the Peak House from an old photo (~ 1895) 
I noticed a cat sitting on the fence.  So this painting includes  the Peak House cat. 

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Original:  $225

The Peak House Cat
Reference: History of Town of Medfield  1887-1925 

Note: Closely look at this photo from the History of Town of Medfield  1887-1925 and notice a cat sitting on the fence. From now on every new Medfield watercolor will include the  peak house cat. 

1800's Peak House Cat Matted Art Print Sizes


Medfield Junction was located on  West Mill Street in Medfield, MA. and was part of the  New York, New Haven   and Hartford Railroad. The two lines that crossed were part of New Haven's Old Colony Northern Division. One line was known as the Charles River Line which ran from Newton to West Medway and the other line came from Framingham to Mansfield.  Only one line is active and maintained, this line is known today as the CSX Framingham Subdivision. The other line from  Newton   to Medfield has not been used in over a decade, while Medfield to Millis stopped running trains in 2007.

Medfield Railroad Junction
West Mill Street
    Original : $250 

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Castle Hill Golf Links

North Street, Medfield Mass.

Original:  $250 

Take a ride down North Street and look closely at the large field now known as the Steeplechase Course currently owned by the Norfolk Hunt Club.. There is a stone chimney, that has been standing there for many years.  What was there?   Take a close look at this beautiful field and examine the land.  What does it look like? The chimney was the fireplace for the  Allen's Castle Hill Golf Links club house.  Look again at the land and doesn't it look like it was at one time a golf course?

Reference: History of Town of Medfield  1887-1925

Allen's Castle Hill Golf Links Medfield Art Print Sizes


The Peak House, first built in 1651, is the most famous landmark in beautiful Medfield, MA., hometown of the junkyard artist.  Mr. Floyd Ours owned a snowplowing company during the mid 20th century in Medfield.  His trucks, such as the 1962 Chevrolet in the foreground, were custom pinstriped as portrayed by this early painting done by the artist.  It is believed the truck is currently in NH. 

Floyd's Pinstriped Truck

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  Original:  $250 

Medfield was the home town to many business's some of which are featured in this recent painting by the junkyard artist. Where was the A&P market? Do you remember using "FL9" to make a phone call? How many of you used to go to the Harding Post Office, Beautiful lawns by J.R. Hedges & Sons or skating at Rocky Woods.

Welcome to Medfield Signpost 
circa 1960
Medfield, Mass

Medfield Signpost Memories Art Print



Uncle John's Auto Repair Garage
(Behind the Town Hall in the old Saab building) 

 Original : Not for Sale     

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This painting is dedicated to my uncle, John MacGregor, of whom I have many fond recollections. Uncle John, or as many people called him, Johnny, owned a garage in Medfield, MA for a short time in the 1920's and 30's. The garage unfortunately closed during the depression.  This is an folk artist interpretation because there are not any photos of the garage that I know of.  I want to thank Uncle John for my love of old cars, the ocean and hot fudge sundaes made with pistachio ice cream. As mentioned in Roy Owen’s book, Medfield the Way it Was, Uncle John’s garage was located in the former Sabb Garage and was across the street from McCarthy’s Blacksmith shop on Janes Avenue.  The race cars belonged to Larry Beals and Buddy Marr who were preparing for the next race at the grange field.   Uncle John had two brothers, William Bragdon MacGregor (my father) and James Bruce MacGregor.  My father was a kennel master at the Norfolk Hunt Club and is depicted driving a hound truck with the fox hounds in the back. The hound on the front seat is the award-winning  Richmond.  The second truck is being driven by James MacGregor who worked at Nickerson Farm in Brewster,  MA   .

Medfield Historical Trivia Questions!

Where was the golf course in Medfield?
Where is New Medfield? Hint: It's in Massachusetts.
What movie was filmed at Medfield State Hospital?
Where did they used to race cars in Medfield in the 20's & 30's?
Where was the Manor Inn?
Where is Harding,  Mass?
In the late 60's you would race at the 1/4 mile strip, where was it?
When was there an Army tank in Medfield, and why was it used ?
Where was Medfield's Junkyard in the 60's & 70's?
What is the  connection between Walt Disney and Medfield?
Where is the gravestone in the woods somewhere off of Pine Street near Castle Hill Pond?
When did Medfield start and discontinue FL9?

The Harding Post Office

Reference: Medfield Reflections

Harding Post Office
Harding, Mass 02042

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The Peak House cat is in this watercolor! 

Medfield was home town to many business's some of which are featured in this recent painting by the junkyard artist. Where was the A&P market? Do you remember using "FL9" to make a phone call? How many of you used to go to the Harding Post Office, Beautiful lawns by J.R. Hedges & Sons or skating at Rocky Woods?

Vintage Tin Memories of Medfield

Medfield Memories Art Print


  Original:  $400

A painting of the my grandparents and father's home located at the Norfolk Hunt Club behind the kennels! The house is still there and virtually unchanged since 1898! Please take a look at the Hunt Club's website Norfolk Hunt Club.  

Andrew MacGregor's World 

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The Bubbling Brook is a famous landmark for lots of us in the  Westwood , MA area.  How many of us enjoyed the ice cream, freezes, fried clams and great food, and have fond memories of that special place. Remember the cars racing up the hill and the rock frog?? How many of us while in college drove our VW to the brook??  
Original:  $250 

The Bubbling Brook 
Westwood, Mass

The Bubbling Brook Westwood MA Art Print Sizes



It's in the late 60's and it's somewhere between 1 to 2AM in the morning and you've been cruising all night. Now your standing in line outside of a diner waiting for something to eat.  Where am I?  This famous diner was a late night refuge of many of us in the route 1 Massachusetts area.

Original:  $250 

Eddies Diner
Walpole, Mass

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Art Johnsons
Route 1 Norwood, Mass.

Art Johnsons Norwood MA Art Print Sizes & Bumper Sticker


One place that definitely retained it's old charm of the 50's was Art Johnson's  in Norwood   Mass.  It was an old time burger joint that caters to the street rod crowd until it closed sometime in the 70's.   How many of you from Medfield raced at the lights?

Art Johnsons Bumper Sticker 





There are many  spectacular landscaped homes and businesses in Medfield due to the efforts of NYLARK landscaping.  This famous 1963 Chevrolet pickup truck was one of the workhorse's that made Medfield the beautiful  town that it is today. Sorry, but this famous truck was scrapped a couple of years ago!

Sonny Allan had a junkyard on Granite Street in Medfield



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